Designing Interactions

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Bob Mason with Jeremy Merle

Bob Mason cofounded Brightcove in 2004 with Jeremy Allaire. They saw the possibility of a complete end-to-end solution to deliver video from any creator to any customer, across diverse devices, allowing content owners to have the same breadth of communication that had previously been limited to major corporations and media companies. Jeremy took the role of CEO and Bob CTO as they set about designing an online video platform to be used by professional publishers. Bob provides leadership for Brightcove's vision, design, and architecture. Before founding Brightcove, he was a founding member of the product team and a software architect at ATG, an innovative and market leading e-commerce software provider.

Video content of all types is becoming available online as well as in traditional media, so the door is open for new connections. Entrepreneurial offerings are springing up for a host of specialist applications that complement the dominant YouTube. Among them are subscription services such as Brightcove, which encodes video, uploads, launches, and presents it in a branded player on a Web site in less than thirty minutes. Cofounder and CTO Bob Mason explains how this works in his interview, along with Jeremy Merle, the leader of the company's team of user-interface designers.